Toledo District Tournament Feb 23, 2008

Toledo District just had their first District tournament that attracted 88 players from 9 different schools. This was the largest primary school students tournament so far. Five rounds, 40 minutes each, utilizing Swyss system.Coaches, who trained those daring players, and the names of their teams:
Domingo Salam- San Francisco de Jeronimo R.C. Team Winner of the tournament.
Desiderius Bal- St. John the Baptist
Jose Teul - San Pedro Columbia BOYZ
Rigoberto Choco - Blue Creek
Rob Magee - Corozan Creek
E. Alvarez and A. Sho - Punta Gorda Team
Rodolfo Shal - Little Flower School
Benjamin Tuario - Indian Creek
The success of the event was due to the combined efforts of BNYCF staff, Jose Teul( Toledo Sports coordinator), BDF and community volunteers who worked as Floor Directors, Puzzle station directors and food distribution assistants. To accomodate the large number of participants there were 2 sections created: Red and Green. Each section was assigned its' own Tournament Directors, Head TD and sets of prizes.
During the games coaches were not waisting their time: they were discussing different techniques they can use to explain the end game concepts to the children.
In addition to the actual tournament, we had a Puzzle Station area set up, that was run by Ellra Alvarez, the Puzzle Station director, with the help of Jose Teul, Max (BDF) and Rigoberto Choco, coach from Blue Creek.
Puzzles were designed to improve not only chess skills, but also math, language arts, comprehension and logical thinking.There was a separate section( Yellow), where children had a chance to see their team mates and go over the games that they played.
Final results: blitz games to determine the winners of the tournament for both sections:

Col Pulido and Irianie Pech conducted the award ceremony. First award, SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD, the most important one, went to: Mitch Searle ..
..and Alexia Scot, both students of Little Flower Team.
Team award for the most participants in the Tournament: 27 players were brought by Rodolfo Shal, Little Flower coach:
Award for the best performance: team winner of the tournament - San Francisco de Jeronimo team. As we found out, the coach had only 2 sets to train his team of 16, but their determination to master the game brought the results!!
There were awards given out for the best performance in the chess Puzzle Competition: Marlin MOreira, Edgar Moreira, Javier Geron and El Rey Shol, all from the PUNTA GORDA Team.

Awards for the Perseverance was given out to Ishamae Gomez and Silvano Paau.

Final results for both sections:
1st place: Gavino Ishim and Marcelino Choc
2nd place: Betty Bul and Dario Tush
3rd place: Mark Pop and Bebedicto Coc
All of them are the San Francisco de Jeronimo R.C. team!
Transportation of children was made possible through the assistance for BDF, Mr. Jose Teul, Sports coordinator and BNYCF.

Community assistance to the BNYCF staff in running the tournament

Head Tournament Directors:

Col Omar Pulido, BDF and Ella Anderson, BNYCF

Computer Tournament Directors:

Sgt Sho, BDF and David Martinez, BNYCF

Floor Tournament Directors:

Michael Manley, Community Volunteer

Ralph Bardalez, Community Volunteer and Machaca Hill member of staff

Irianie Pech, BNYCF

Preciliano Robateau, BDF

Steven Ortega, BDF

Bruno Kuppinger, Community Volunteer

Additional assistance in food distribution and set up of the tournament was provided by the BDF.

Prizes for Sportsmanship were provided by Machaca Hill Christian Outreach.

Special Thanks:

Lunch for children and coaches was provided by Machaca Hill ( 120 plates of good and juice)

Morning Snacks were the courtesy of BDF, afternoon snacks – Toledo Sports Council.