Corozal Children Chess Workshop

Day 1: workshop for beginners 8:00-3:00, Toledo Sports Complex. Total of 64 children attended with their teachers/coaches. Mrs. Rosana Akel( San Joaquin R.C), Mr. Nelvio Ek( Cristo Rey R.C.), Mr. Faustino Yam( San Narciso R.C.), Mr. Virgilio Ruiz( Xavier R.C.), Mrs. Lupita Poot( Mary Hill Special Ed)
and Ms Yoshiko Owada( Japanese Volunteer). On the picture below, she is conducting some Japanese dance/stretching exercises between the chess activities.
Using kinestetics to remember the movements of pieces:
Instruction was conducted in groups of 20-25kids :
Learning the Knight movement: new game KNIGHT HOP-SCOTCH:

Teachers help was essential:
Yellow corner: reviewing pawn games
Taking notes on Chess Ettiquette and check/checkmate:
Award ceremony and taking home all the puzzles, drawings and other work that kids did through the day:Day 2: Saturday, 8:00-3:00. Advanced group, review and then mini tournament. 4 rounds, Swyss system. 24 kids in attendance from 8 schools: ESTM, Paraiso Gov School, Xavier R.C., San Narciso R.C., Lousiville R.C., Santa Clara R.C., San Pablo R.C., Libertad Methodist. Oder Bautista( teacher from Libertad Methodist), Yahayra Coba( UB student), Ariadne Pech( UB) and Yadir Montejo( parent from Libertad):

Award ceremony: winners
Winners of the Tournament: 1st place: Eiden Campos( San Narciso)
2nd place: Emerson Alamilla ( San Pablo R.C)
3rd Place: Enrique Montejo (Libertad)
Additional awards for perseverance, sportsmanship and the most improved player were given out.

Special story of the day: Emerson Alamilla, who won the 2nd place in the tournament, lives now in Orange Walk. In order to come to the tournament on time he had to get up at 4am and travel by bus all the way from the Orange Walk. That's the spirit of a real chess player, we are very proud of you, Emerson!