January 2008 events

St. Barnabas, Cayo, Belize, club members in front of their school.
Postal International games between Belize and New York continues. This time, St. Barnabas Primary school club from Cayo district, Belize, challenged Public School 119 from the Bronx district, New York, USA. Belizian coach David Coombs and NewYork coach Nathan Goldberg correspond with each other about the moves that their clubs are making, as well as exchanging pictures and letters from the kids.
Here is the first moves of the 2 games that they are playing via weekly exchange of e-mails:
Game A : Game B:
1. e4 e5 1.Nc3 e6
2. Bb5

Good luck!

Corozal, Level 1 ( Jan 11th and 12th)
19 teachers and volunteers participated. All participants had a lot of hands-on activities to get a real feel for what the game of chess is about and how to use it as an educational and motivational tool. Each participant was actively involved in learning and trying different activities that they can use in the chess clubs in the future. In the end of the workshop each participant received a chess set and a board, so that they could continue practicing the game and share it with other people, who can help them in the process of organizing their own chess clubs. The final moment of the workshop:
Toledo level 2 workshop: Jan 18-19th . Toledo is still ahead of everybody in the process of starting new chess clubs in the schools! As the result of the level 1 workshop back in October, there are 5 active chess clubs and 7 are in the process of becoming active. This time, 18 participants came to the LEVEL 2 chess Workshop to get more advanced knowledge of the game as well as to get more hands-on experience on teaching chess and learning various activities.
Upon completion of the workshop, all the participants received 4 chess sets and a demonstration board per school. On the way home from the workshop: