December Chess Tournament in Belize City

Channel 5 reports:
"Young chess champs crowned in weekend tourney... While their parents were shopping this weekend, the children were up to some less material pursuits. First up was the Children Chess Extravaganza which took place at the Belize Elementary Auditorium. According to the organizers, sixty-five students from three districts competed in the two-day tournament, playing a total of two hundred and thirty-three games.
Taking top honours in the eight and under category was Michael Montero of Stann Creek’s Solid Rock Christian Academy. Dante Reneau won in the ten and under category. Reneau is from Belize City and attends Wesley Lower School. Jeremy Quinto of Belize Elementary did his school proud winning in the twelve and under division. Juan Vernon of St. John’s College was crowned the top finisher in the fourteen and under category. And finally, taking first place in the sixteen and under division was Belmopan Comprehensive student Wayne Huang. The winners will represent Belize at future regional and international competitions."