First International Postal Game with NY, USA

Ricardo( chess coach) is talking to kids about the letters that they are writing to their opponents in New York City.

We decided that it was time to test our skills with the chess players from outside the country. Our first game started on Dec 10, 2007.
White : New York City public school against Black: Belmopan Chess Club. We have Shea Lopez and Darwin Ramos, representing our club. Before Shea and Darwin send their moves back to New York, they sit down to discuss with each other different options and then choose the best move. The hard part for us, the coaches, is that we cannot advise them on the moves for that game, it's their game!

We e-mail New York City club not only our moves, but also pictures and letters about Belize, about us... New York is cold and snowy now and for them it must be hard to believe that their Belize opponents are sitting under an almond tree in T-shirts playing chess.
We will keep you posted about the progress of the game. Our game so far:
1. Nf3 d5
2. d4 Nf6

3. Nc3 e6
4. Bg5 h6
5. Bxf6 Qxf6
6. e4! Bb4

Jan 08
We received the picture of our opponents in New York and some of the letters: click on the letter to enlarge it.