Chess in the caves...

Sgt Sho conducting chess lesson inside the cave.

Sgt Sho(BDF) who was the main pushing force together with Jose Teul in Toledo last year. He attended BNYCF summer camp and then continued working with Toledo kids through the year, and even after he was relocated to Belize District in the Spring.
This summer, as part of the BDF Belizario Youth Summer camp, where kids learn survival skills, map reading, defense skills, different kinds of sports, he is also giving chess instruction every night. He uses chess to reinforce sportsmanship, team work, discipline, patience and perseverance- skills that they hope the kids will be able to develop as the result of this camp.
On July 4th, kids together with BDF camp directors went on their first river cave expedition, as part of the Caves Branch visit. As part of the trip, they played chess inside the cave...... and then... After the full day of adventure, kids were still eager to get additional chess instruction at the lodge..
and concentrated on the games.Caves Branch guides who worked with kids in the caves assisted in the chess instruction and commented on the exceptional job that BDF and Sgt Sho did: kids were excited about the challenges( on the board and in the caves!), asked questions, were very active and enthusiastic.
Next week, they are planning to come back to Caves Branch again, and as part of their adventure trip they will try to play chess during the 300 feet high repelling.... We have no doubts that after extensive BDF training and more chess practice, they will succeed!